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New: Understanding Miscarriage-Approximately 15% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage. This presentation will provide an overview of definitions, risk factors, evaluation, and treatment considerations.  This lecture aims to enhance the medical, educational and emotional support for family planning patients that experience pregnancy loss.

•  The Menstrual Cycle: Do We Need to Cycle, How Often and Why?- This lecture will review the norms of the menstrual cycle, cycling patterns as predictors of underlying issues, significance of amenorrhea, and current evidence that deliberate decrease of
annual monthly cycles (extended oral contraceptive) may have benefits.

•  Basic Infertility Evaluation and Family Planning – Family planning providers are mandated to offer Level I infertility evaluations.  Topics covered include assessing medical history, family history, ovulation evaluation, semen, and psychosocial issues.

•  Answering Questions about Teratogens – Teratogens are environmental agents, such as medications, drugs, radiation, and workplace exposures that can cause birth defects.  Are you comfortable answering questions about prenatal exposures?  Learn what is new and where to find specific information.

•  Opening a Dialogue about Adoption –This is an
opportunity to discuss the role of adoption information in the family planning setting.

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