Providing Information and Resources on Infertility and Related Health Issues to Healthcare Professionals and the Public

Infertility Education

Who We Are

Ferre Institute is a not-for-profit based in upstate NY whose mission is to promote the health of individuals and families by providing information and education about genetics, infertility, environmental exposures, and family history. Ferre strives to integrate advances in these areas into personal health management.

In 1975, the Infertility Education Program was created by Dr. Murray Nusbaum and Luba Djurdjinovic MS to provide education to health care professionals and their patients on infertility related topics.  This website was designed to provide resources and information, including free brochures, provider directories, fact sheets, and useful online infertility organizations.  Information on Ferre’s special projects, including the Families of Color Initiative and Infertility in the Deaf Community, is also provided.  Ferre Institute is also funded by NYS to provide education on various infertility topics, such as endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, via webinar or in-office presentations to family planning providers.  Providers may also sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter via this site.  Ferre has been a national leader in infertility education and awareness at the community level.

The content of this website and materials included have been developed by...
Luba Djurdjinovic MS
Erin E. Houghton MS CGC
Shanon Kolb Nasoni